What We Offer

Have you lately been having trouble with plumbing at your home or work place? Do you have aproblem calling in an efficient plumbing service to take care of the glitches?

We understand that when it comes to faulty plumbing or one that gives continuous problems can feel frustrating. It can be a matter of extreme inconvenience to have choked pipes in the kitchen and the bathroom in a house that I occupied. And it can be a prestige issue in a work place where the employers cannot even arrange for hygiene and sanitation. In both the cases, it can be extremely embarrassing.

What is the solution?

We have come out with a maintenance pact which allows you to book our services with the most efficient plumber crew who will make sure that they are ready at your beck and call. The plumbers are educationally sound and have undergone comprehensive one-year plumbing training before they are asked to write an examination based on their training and only then inducted into our company.

As a result, the personnel who walks in your door is not just an amateur service guy who is learning the tropes of plumbing on the job but professional sound and extremely qualified plumbing engineer. And don’t take our word for it, you can browse the professional qualifications and the study credits of the plumber assigned to you by clicking on his unique code on our company’s website.

24/7 service guaranteed:

While other service companies work from 9 to 5, ours is an exceptional one working around the clock because we understand that plumbing problems do not come seeing the time. Anytime can be an emergency and we don’t like procrastination. There is a service customer call that takes down your details and dispatches manpower within two hours of making of the call.